Today I learned that there are a number of Linux-based laptop shops in Europe.

Thank you,

Keep an eye on:

• StationX:
• Star Labs:
• Entroware:
• Tuxedo:
• Juno:

@aral Dude! I made a list in @indie forums a while ago! :D

But there weren't all those!

I have a @tuxedocomputers and I'm happy with it.

And yeah, they are in the fediverse too!

@tuxedocomputers @ekaitz_zarraga @aral I was thinking in an Asus with the 8th gen but the BU1407 has similar characteristics... is the RAM solded?

@yabirgb Nope, aside from the InfinityBook 14 *none* of our has soldered RAM. Even better: warranty allows opening the device for cleaning and components switching!

@tuxedocomputers @yabirgb That's the one I have, the only problem I found is the case lost color because of my hands... and the quality of the keyboard can be better.

But I'm happy with the machine.

@aral there are lots of options nowadays. Some of them based on Clevo (Taiwanese) hardware. Would love to find out the build quality

@syncaddict Yeah, looking at a Clevo N130WU-based system from a European supplier at the moment.

There are some awesome-sounding machines from large companies (e.g., Dell XPS and Lenovo X1 Carbon) but I’d rather support a small European company (and don’t get me started on Lenovo’s backdoor issues, etc.) I’d get a Purism Librem 13 in a heartbeat if it wasn’t for the screen: Coding at 1080p on a 13" screen would destroy my eyes (even more than they already are).

@aral I own a Tuxedo. Most of their machines are barebones from Clevo. If you need reviews, go look for the Clevo model no. My InfinityBook has a couple of issues (model 2015 I guess) under Manjaro and Mint, mostly with certain power saving levels and resume. Oh, and that model doesn't support video over USB C, hence only one ext. display possible, over HDMI.

@jotbe Thanks! Yeah, nearly everyone seems to be customizing Clevo reference hardware. Apart from Purism, I believe.

@aral I checked the pictures of the other shops in your list and they all seem to sell Clevo barebones. I might be wrong, of course.

@nee Thanks! None of those apart from the Purism could be my dev machine. My next machine after this one I’m going to get will hopefully be a Librem (just need to get the screen resolution right – 1080p at 13" is ridiculous!) The Clevo N130WU-based models’ 3200x1800 (@2x, so 1600x900 HIDPI) makes much more sense and Pop!_OS 18.04 should look lovely on it :)

last time I did buy laptop in this shop

you can choose no OS or windows.

so I choose no OS and install archlinux which I prefer.

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