Doing a deep dive into Jim Pick's awesome multiwriter DAT shopping list example & thought I'd document the process on our Discourse forum ( Half way through, I ask “why am I doing this on Discourse?” (not least of all ’cos I'm hugely disappointed with their laissez-faire attitude towards GDPR compliance so we will be moving away from it as soon as we can). I just demoed how you can live blog with Beaker/DAT. So, in what will no doubt be some spectacular yak shaving…

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…I will now be setting up my own little live blog at Start time ~9AM.

Wish me luck :)

9:20AM Step 1: set up a new VPS at CloudScale.

Using the smallest instance they have. I shouldn’t really need anything more.  🤞

10:48AM So the site now has a DAT short URL and DAT metadata so the hack’s now over. It took about an hour to hack together/deploy.

You can follow the site as it evolves at:

DAT: dat://

(If you use Beaker Browser and turn on live reloading, the changes will stream to you as they happen.) :)

Now I have to get ready for the dentist (yay!) 🎉

@arjenpdevries Local machine -> watches for changes to the site -> rsync -> server -> DAT watches for changes to the files -> updates and shares the archive on the p2p web


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