“Since we took external investment we need a liquidity event.” – GitLab


@dansup When you take VC, you sell the company. No ifs, no buts. We keep getting surprised as the sale usually just takes several years to complete. C’est la “exit”.

This is why VC investment is incompatible with sustainable businesses with social missions. And why I keep harping on about how we must support projects that benefit the commons from the commons (ar.al/notes/encouraging-indivi)

@aral @dansup good article. Amaroq mangles links when there are other adjacent non-URL chars (including parens or other punctuation), so here it is by itself:

@AlainODea @dansup Thanks, Alain – good to know. Is there an issue open for that?

@aral I found a similar issue:

It’s not exact. I’ll do some test reductions and post a new specific issue for this.

@aral I found the matching issue and provided some additional problem and solution analysis to help get to a fix:

@aral my pleasure. I figured it's worth acting on the advice in your article :) I can't help the commons with subtoots :D

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