My new site progressively enhances the centralised Web with peer-to-peer functionality using the DAT protocol. It’s a Web+ site: a little bridge between the centralised Web and the Peer Web.

Peer web: dat://ar.al/2018/06/26/web+/

Centralised web: ar.al/2018/06/26/web+/ mastodon.ar.al/media/1dw4DNXcA


> the actual long-form DAT address that it maps to is a cryptographic public key that is unique to the content of this site

the url is not unique to content, only to the public key. that's what allows you to update the content of the archive: so long as you have the private key, you can write to the archive at that public key. IPFS urls, on the other hand, do uniquely map to content (which is why they change when the content changes)

docs: docs.datproject.org/concepts#d


@garbados Thanks; I explained a content identifier when I meant persistent identifier. Will update tomorrow. Appreciate the correction :)

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