Just yoinked myself a Reform beta 3 kit to play with. Awesome project by @mntmn with lots of potential based right here in our own back yard in the EU :)

(This one’s for developers… so if you’re looking for something to tinker with and explore future possibilities, check it out!)

@aral @mntmn I wish there was something like this for smartphones as well.

@aral @mntmn I absolutely love everything about it (especially aesthetics)

@aral @mntmn
Wow that’s basically the laptop I’ve wanted for years. And would be quite happy to do testing on it, specially considering the pile of ARM devices I’ve hacked on.
But it’s currently too costy for my student funds. Will it be available at a later time?

@lanodan @aral hoping to get the price down in crowdfunding, but it’s not easy if you want to have a bit of quality too

@mntmn @aral I think the price is quite fine considering what it is, it’s just me that is too poor for it right now.

@mntmn One thing at a time. You can't solve every problem at once. It feels like you're doing things just right and are focussed on the right thing. Can't wait to play with it. Thanks again :)

@ZikZak @mntmn @aral Thanks, I already know this one which is quite similar with the cheaper pinebook.
It’s just that the Reform could be my next laptop while theses and chromebooks would more be like when my current one would be not-useable anymore as they’re not better enough.

@aral @mntmn the price is... :drake_dislike: .
but... a customizable mechanical keyboard, and a sim card slot, and frigging trackball... :drake_like:

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