A makeshift laptop, did you say? :)

(And yes, I’m _finally_ reading through the Emacs tutorial. Better three decades late than never, I guess.) :)

@rocx Haha, actually it's not as bad as it looks on the screenshot. I think I was mirroring via Miracast to my 4K huge TV at the time so I'd set the display size down on the phone itself. I normally keep it as normal size which doesn't strain my eyes at all (but leads to more line wrapping, of course) :)

@aral I tried emacs a couple of times. Too many fucking extra keystrokes! Even spacemacs was too much.

@donblanco @aral I used emacs for a couple of years until I realised emacs hacking was not the topic of my doctoral dissertation and I should get some work done ;)

@mmin Haha, I can see how customising it can become addictive. I _might have_ shaved a yak or two installing a package system so I could use an "unfill-paragraph" command to remove hard-wraps that I'd somehow got in my blog post while using nano. So, yeah, I can totally see it... :)

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