Right so I received my Dell XPS 13 (my goodness, it's beautiful) and have proceeded to spend the whole of yesterday and today so far trying to install 18.04 on it (it comes with 16.04).

It would install, reboot, & throw me in the Grub command line. Tried with FDE & without. Same.

Can now manually get it to boot from grub with:

> set root=(hd0,2)
> linux /vmlinuz
> initrd /initrd.img
> boot

It boots but it's back to grub next reboot.

Tried sudo update-grub && sudo grub-install

Any ideas?


The issue and solution: ubuntuforums.org/printthread.p

That only took two days! :)

Many thanks to @ciaby for helping me :)

Now: do I try installing Pop!_OS again (initially it didn’t even boot the live disk on stock 16.04 on the XPS) or leave well enough alone for now? :)

@aral @ciaby are you going to replace your Mac's or is it just testing system? Pop!_OS looks pretty, but so does PureOS...

@aral Good to hear! I would stick to Ubuntu, at least for now ;)
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