@Shufei @aral @inmysocks GNOME is not targeted specifically to former MAC users. I never used a MAC in my life, I went from WinXP to GNOME 2 and continued with GNOME 3. 😉

GNOME is designed to be accessible to all. (not just in terms of disability, but also computer proficiency and geographical/regional specificities)

It doesn't actually appeal to everybody though, and that's fine: there are other options. Glad you found one that works for you! ☺


@mathieu PS. Just saw this: omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/06/gnome- - it would be a huge step backwards if implemented. How can I get involved to try and prevent this? Where is best to make the case?

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@aral @mathieu The removal of App Menus is already in master IIRC. The reason for the removal was because it was hard to discover and only GNOME apps used it. Almost all the other apps showed only Quit as an option.

@desikn @mathieu Does that mean that it's a done deal? Damn it, I really don't want to fork this. Wish I'd seen this sooner.

@aral @desikn It might be too late for 3.30, I don't know.

But nothing is ever a "done deal". Design is a live thing, it evolves constantly. Especially when you release every 6 months.

It could be that user testing will reveal more problems after the removal than we fixed, and the designers will decide to revert. Or to experiment something entirely different.

Come and say hi in #gnome-design. 🙂

@mathieu @desikn I will.

Usability testing should be one element of design, it should never drive it as the only factor. I'd love to know how many people were involved, who they were, etc. In this case it sounds like usability testing was used as an excuse to justify a different direction someone wanted to take. I'll make my case in longform & on the forums you suggested & worst case scenario, we'll have to consider a fork as the new direction I'm seeing for this & the lock screen is regressive

@aral @desikn Oh, I might have misrepresented how things work if that's what you understood. 😕

Usability testing is definitely not the driving factor, it's more of a way to validate/inform past design choices.

As for all your questions, you'll find answers talking to the designers.

Do note that this has been under consideration for a while already. The designers and developers have been thinking about the problems with app menus for years. This isn't a new thing someone pushed for.

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