@aral Markdown.

Problem solved.

I'm a writer. Typography is a programming problem.

@aral weird that Gnome doesn't include compose-key as an option without an extra tweak software. In KDE, it's built-in as an option in the keyboard prefs.

Side-note: Glad you like you Gnome desktop, but know that KDE really does the human, end-user design right too. About everything Gnome can do is available in KDE along with a *lot* more.

Don't waste time investigating since you're happy as is. Not trying to get into that KDE vs Gnome argument, just note that they're both excellent these days

@aral the one glyph I like that you didn't mention: interrobang‽

You should be able to get the default list of Compose sequences by looking at: /usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose

“CCCP”, “OA”, “poo” always make me smile. :)

@lunar Oddly, poo doesn't work on mine (might have been one of the first ones I tried) :P

Thank you for the post and your blog in general. Love it.

I've been using the compose key for a while now, and have only added the greek alphabet to my .XCompose. Comes in handy every now and then.

.XCompose with greek alphabet: gitlab.com/snippets/1739384

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