So impressed right now with the quality of free and open source apps available for Linux. This is Pitivi (, rendering a slight edit to my talk at IxDA Berlin.

@aral There's also a video KDE app called Kdenlive which is really cool.

@aral I recommend KDEnlive. It's a bit more sophisticated than pitivi. But still quite usable.

@aral https-link was broken, at least when i tried. this one worked:

@aral and that's one of the rarer cases with multiple competitors for great FLO software (e.g. OpenShot or, my fav: Kdenlive, among several others) Great to see Pitivi prospering and continuing too

@aral this is off topic, but can/do you still use your Nabaztag/Karotz rabbit?

@bencomp @aral Alas, no, it's been sitting unplugged for a while.

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