How about we take the billions that Google and other surveillance capitalists have been fined in the EU and invest them in organisations making ethical (free and open, decentralised, and interoperable) alternatives to surveillance capitalism.

@aral because regrettably Google's fines were for being anti competitive. Even the EU isn't great about anti surveillance

That's a good point. Surveillance is good for authoritarian regimes, and authoritarianism is on the rise globally.

@aral I'm sure GNOME would do wonders with even 1/100th of that money. 😅

@aral I believe the money is distributed to the member states. Campaigning in the different countries and to their MEPs is good though =)

@aral Come on dude! that's for throwing it away in stupid European tech projects like H2020 and shit.
Invest them in ethical organizations he says!

PS: Yeah, we should but... y'know how this shit works. We probably need to change the whole system first.

@aral This is working because GOOG has no friends in Washington, they put all their weight behind Hillary and now they're caught out in the cold.

Try fining Facebook and Zuke will whine to Thiel and Thiel will whine to Trump, Trump will threaten further import tariffs, German auto business will tell EU parliament to stop ("or else" is implied), and they'll stop.

No ethical judgements here, this is just how it works.

@aral As a side note: This is why US companies always do political campaign donations and they always donate to both Rs and Ds. GOOG became a political activist company by steering their donations and now they have been turned into a piggybank for foreign governments.

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