Take a fucking bow, folks.

I’m all for speaking truth to power but I don’t understand screaming your version of someone else’s reality into their face while they categorically deny it & profess support for your cause until you break them down. What I’ve seen here is nothing short of bullying. And no, it doesn’t make it right because he was on a TV show once.

Don’t @ me. Or do; I know where the block button is & mine’s wired to mew like a kitten… it’s just the cutest 🐈

@aral Nothing saps away ones faith in humanity than social media. I don't think we're wired to think at this scale.

@aral To add to that, I think it's because we're still hardwired to think we're still in a tribal society. Our brain can't fathom the scale at which society operates, when we hear/read something, especially something with a name/face attached, we intepret that as coming from our tribe and we tend to take it as face value. It's the same reason why people think the world is getting less safe even when figures prove the opposite. Because the world is getting smaller, we hear of more shit happening.

@aral And we interpret it as if it happened locally, near our physical tribe, even if it happened on the other side of the world. Hopefully our brains adapt before this tribal attitude destroys us.

@aral I'm still trying to understand the details of what happened.

Several users reported @wilw for doing what?
What is the instance of the moderators those reports were submitted to?
What are the moderators that got involved in the process?
What are the submitted evidences?
Have those evidences been verified?

I mean, what the heck?!

I suppose that given Mastodon is still is in its first baby steps, a lot of transparency is strongly needed.

@olistik @aral @wilw users made jokes at wil wheaton's expense because of things he's previously said and never addressed, they were "silenced" (effectively shadowbanned) by mods without being told about it. Wil also trawled through Mastodon finding people saying things about him and reported them for it, they were silenced too. Eventually he decided to leave.

@aral That is hurtful, indeed and demonstrate how we are as human, if we are not careful..

What happened is nothing short of a trial-less lynching. There is no Justice on the Web, except for corporately-imposed one.

I for one wonder what would happen if The Orange One moves here. Or the pIzzagaters.or the gamergaters …

😢 Sad day.

@aral Hope you don't mind an @ in full support.

I wish more people would take a stand against bullying

@Elizafox @aral
This whole thing has been confusing and depressing to me, not least since as a cisdude I don't feel I *deserve* an opinion or an answer.
People I *like* here have behaved as if hating WW was a _given_, like he was a Nazi or something.
I have still no idea why, and the uncomfortable thought is, maybe they don't, either.
Dropping back to my default state I guess: most people are shit until proved otherwise.

@shadowfirebird He's not like a fantastic dude but he didn't deserve to be /bullied/

@Elizafox I could understand a little if it was for the Chris Hardwick thing -- understand but not respect: as I learned myself recently, you stand by your friends right or wrong, and the failure mode for that if they turn out to be a lying arsehole that hurt others is slow and difficult, ethically.

@shadowfirebird @Elizafox “You stand by your friends, right or wrong” is exactly what's wrong with the world. No, you tell your friends they're wrong when they're wrong and ask them to do the right thing. And if that means they're not your friends anymore, well, they were probably never your friends to begin with but a cult.

@aral @shadowfirebird @Elizafox
No, no.
Standing by your friends means giving them the benefit of the doubt and defending them to others. This does NOT EXCLUDE telling them they are idiots to their face -- in private, not in public. Or you are no friend.
This is exactly as it should be -- ethically, emotionally -- right up until the point it turns out your friend has serious issues that have harmed people. At which point it becomes a problem.

@aral Hi Man aral Balkan" How long U`re already a Mastodonian and what are we both looking 4 here?: real Friendship/Fellowship?, Information Exchange?! Me all of these! Read ya, Man?

@aral Could you CW this topic in the future please? My timeline is filled with it, and after engaging with it for a while, right now I don't want to read about it any more.

@rixx I don’t plan on addressing it in the future so, yes, you got it :)

@aral Dude you literally follow me and have not had a peep to say when people do the exact same shit to me, how do you square that with what you are saying now.

@Laurelai I do follow you, along with over a thousand other people, so I see a tiny fraction of what happens when I scroll through my timelines (which I do a couple of times a day if I can find the time to). I don’t think any of us can be expected to see/comment on everything about everyone we follow. I completely get your point and I try to be a good ally but I don’t understand how expressing your opposition to one injustice implies supporting other ones.

@aral Because people only seem outraged when this happens to white cis men and nobody does anything when it happens to trans women, poc, the disabled etc. This has been an ongoing problem on all social media sites since forever.

Also it was trans women who had a problem with this guy, and cis women because of the things hes done to hurt us and his defending of an abuser.

Do i like that it had to come to this? No. I dont. Id prefer this never happen to anyone. However when people run out of peaceful options for justice this sort of thing is going to happen. If you want to prevent it, ensure justice is done.

@aral By the way? Happened to me again. Right after Wheaton. Hardly anyone cared. From some of the same people who went after him. Hardly anyone cared. I think this proves my point that people see it and most of them dont care unless its a white cis man with money

I think it's about wether you're fame or not.
yet I have seen in this case see more non-queer/... to queer/... people that have spoken up then usual. This I asmue comes from the fact that their communities simply didn't got effected by wil's behaviour.
when your point is, such is largly done/happening by/to white cis males, thought it's true, but missing the nuance, making it difficult to parse your message.

@paulfree14 @aral Im not missing anything here. People treat women like shit and dont care when we get abused, more so when its trans women. I dont think im missing any nuance.

@paulfree14 @aral For example famous trans women get treated *even worse* than the rest of us, its not a shield for us, just a way to attract more abuse.

>People treat women like shit and dont care

I might sometimes propably think to much within my social circles.
...but yes, I do know such from still being existant.
I get your message. I agree.


@aral That whole thing with Wil is just...ugh...OMG people are horrible

@aral thanks for sharing this. Never heard of that whole drama but it was a great read. How do we make social media a better, kinder, more level-headed and more positive place?

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