Take a fucking bow, folks.


I’m all for speaking truth to power but I don’t understand screaming your version of someone else’s reality into their face while they categorically deny it & profess support for your cause until you break them down. What I’ve seen here is nothing short of bullying. And no, it doesn’t make it right because he was on a TV show once.

Don’t @ me. Or do; I know where the block button is & mine’s wired to mew like a kitten… it’s just the cutest 🐈

@aral Hope you don't mind an @ in full support.

I wish more people would take a stand against bullying

@Elizafox @aral
This whole thing has been confusing and depressing to me, not least since as a cisdude I don't feel I *deserve* an opinion or an answer.
People I *like* here have behaved as if hating WW was a _given_, like he was a Nazi or something.
I have still no idea why, and the uncomfortable thought is, maybe they don't, either.
Dropping back to my default state I guess: most people are shit until proved otherwise.

@shadowfirebird He's not like a fantastic dude but he didn't deserve to be /bullied/

@Elizafox I could understand a little if it was for the Chris Hardwick thing -- understand but not respect: as I learned myself recently, you stand by your friends right or wrong, and the failure mode for that if they turn out to be a lying arsehole that hurt others is slow and difficult, ethically.


@shadowfirebird @Elizafox “You stand by your friends, right or wrong” is exactly what's wrong with the world. No, you tell your friends they're wrong when they're wrong and ask them to do the right thing. And if that means they're not your friends anymore, well, they were probably never your friends to begin with but a cult.

@aral @shadowfirebird @Elizafox
No, no.
Standing by your friends means giving them the benefit of the doubt and defending them to others. This does NOT EXCLUDE telling them they are idiots to their face -- in private, not in public. Or you are no friend.
This is exactly as it should be -- ethically, emotionally -- right up until the point it turns out your friend has serious issues that have harmed people. At which point it becomes a problem.

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