So, Fediverse, need your advice… I need two things:

1. A domain name registration API
2. with a (ideally OpenStack) provisioning/setup API

That are:

* Based in the EU
* As ethical as possible given the industry (extra points for green) but definitely not engaged in any surveillance-based shenanigans and, of course, compliant

Goal: have people be able to register a domain name and have a VPS set up at it in as little time as possible.

Any suggestions? :)


@aral im not 100% of it'll tick all the boxes but could be an option in the ethical department. Might not be what you are after but it might be worth a look?

@tmjwid Sounds like a lovely service. Will definitely keep it in mind for our own hosting but the 24 hour turnaround would be a deal-breaker for this. Appreciate your help :)

@tmjwid PS. Love the fact that they’re a not-for-profit :)

@aral yeah for prod issues it'll be less than ideal. It's a nice service though so I'm glad you like the look of it. For personal stuff it's ideal though.

@aral maybe is something for your needs? I know they have an domainAPI

@frankmeeuwsen Thanks, Frank. Sadly (for me), it looks like it might be in Dutch only.

@aral Yeah so I see now. I checked with them (in Dutch) if they offer their site and service in English as well somehow. I can recommend them. But I understand you would need an English site...

@aral English version of their site can be found on the .eu TLD here:

@aral TransIP was founded by the same founder as Bunq.

"At bunq your privacy is not for sale, and your money is never invested in any shady businesses."


@aral I don't trust anyone, and kinda work from there.

Let me know if you find a better alternative. Happy to listen. ;-)

Their privacy & cookie policy doesn't look too bad, compared to other (Dutch) banks, imho. Is it perfect? Probably not, but what is?

@aral @tim

Funny you mention that. I did some research into banks and their tracker usage - turns out that every bank uses at least some sort of tracker.

Furthermore, many depend on Firebase for GCM (Android Push Messages), meaning the notification data flow through Google's pipes.

@aral @tim Just search this database for the mobile application of your bank - merely the tip of the iceberg:

@h3artbl33d @aral Awesome site! Thanks for the tip and the good work. Keep it up. :-)

@Qwxlea @aral Ah great! I couldn't find it on their Dutch site but I guess I didn't look good enough. Excellent!


I'm abroad, and all my browsing is in English, they offered (in Dutch), to show the English site.


@frankmeeuwsen @Qwxlea @tim Oh, yeah, and they lost me at “hello” – they’re very much into surveillance capitalism:

“We use Google's cookies to analyze activities on our website and to improve our product pages. This way we also see how you use our website and which services you find interesting. After you give permission, we place cookies from Microsoft, Tradedoubler, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google for social media and advertising purposes.”

@aral @Qwxlea @tim Well that sucks... I hope my EFF Privacy Badger does it's work well then...

@frankmeeuwsen @tim

The Netherlands has an interesting combination of being really good at freedom related causes and really bad at the same time.

The country can be extremely liberal but sometimes it bend over backwards for American goodwill. So you should look carefully when choosing.

@Qwxlea @aral @frankmeeuwsen Yeah, Switzerland is probably the better option here, but technically that's not the EU. OTOH, I suppose Swiss companies often have to comply with GDPR, since most of them probably have customers from the EU. Also, bunkers in mountains.

@nclm Hey Nicolas, they’re the only ones I actually know someone at and I’m in touch with (apart from the excellent – whom I use – and – whom I also use – neither of whom, sadly, have an API. So yeah, Gandi is a definite possibility.

GDRP is no problem. API too... But we need 2-3Months for a production ready service. Domains are not handled by the Zeug Plattform. They are seperated to Port53 which needs until December to get finished.

Production ready = stable to handle +3 VMs per Account.

Btw @zeug is at Mastodon ;-)

@maxi @Fellmoon @zeug In which case I should keep an eye on what you’re doing and we should chat. Those are not the bits I’m most excited about building but I do need them for what I’m building ;)

To mention it: Zeug is an political provider (left wing). Build with privacy and pay what you can in mind.
@Fellmoon @zeug

@aral Gandi maybe? They advocate open source and all that. I'm not sure if their API supports any of it, but it's worth a look.

@aral sounds like you’re up to something good. Looking forward to seeing what it is!

@aral I don't know how ethical they are, but I do my VM hosting at Hetzer (.de), and my DNS hosting at, but that doesn't provide registration. I tend not to register new domains much, though. (But I love creating subdomains via git push.)

@liw Thanks, Lars, will check them out; appreciate it :)

@maxi @liw PS. I know 1984 are solid ethically but I afaik, they don’t have an API :(

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