So I’d love to be more involved with the local community here in , having moved here a few months ago. Any folks on here from the area? Fancy organising (or know of existing) FOSS/decentralisation (not blockchain)/ethical design events?

@aral What brought you to Cork? We moved over to Belfast last year; just passed through Cork last week on a road trip.

@callahad In the EU. Has English as official language. Narrows it down these days. Say hi next time you’re through :)

@aral @callahad

One of the most funny experience I have of Europe (I'm Italian) is to travel around and try to learn the local language.

It's funny.. interesting... and bring a lot of friends because people cannot stop laughing at you! 😉

@Shamar @callahad Indeed. It’s just difficult when you want to be involved in local politics, etc. I recognise it’s a failing on my part but you also have to pick your battles. :)

@aral Don’t know about that. Go to The Alchemy. Best coffee shop I’ve ever been to.

@aral I'm hoping I may be able to do the same at some point - ie. to .ie, though perhaps Galway or somewhere. Czech Republic has the blockchain shills but little else... Hope you find something.

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