Y’know, I love dark interfaces: I have a dark theme for Xcode, VSCode, love the dark theme on Mastodon, etc., but I have to say, Dark Mode on macOS is just plain ugly.

It’s too dark.

So much so that at times it looks inverted.

Also: what a waste of time/effort for what is essentially the addition of one custom theme to an operating system. I guess they can afford it but all engineering comes with opportunity costs and added complexity.

(So, yeah, I’m working on the next version of Better) :)

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OTOH, if it ends up encouraging more developers to avoid hardcoding colours or relying on bitmaps and using more native components (and hence taking advantage of the system accessibility features, etc., for free), then I guess it’s a good thing :)

@aral Apple said they were working on it back in… Leopard? When they were promising res-independent UI. Never happened.

I miss Platinum and Aqua.

@aral And just I asked the WebKitGTK project about the status of a patch that'll help me integrate Better (amongst others) into Odysseus.

As for now I'm fixing some stuff. Some of it's my fault, the rest of it I'm not sure.

Also I really like elementary's darkmode (which btw is an old feature for them). It definitely suits some, but not all, of their apps!

@aral AFAIKT OS X had theme support from the very beginning (10.0). It just wasn't use very extensively. For a long time there were community maintained themes for OS X.

The dark mode uses the same engine. Even if there was some engineering effort it was not as much as building it all from scratch.

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