Better Blocker for iOS 12 is now live.

Two weeks ago, I wrote that we wanted to radically simplify Better and widen its reach ( With this release, we took the first steps towards that goal. We distilled the app to its essentials (taking it from 44MB to 11MB in the process) & lowered the price to the lowest tier on the App Store ($0.99/£0.99/€1.09).


Here’s to bringing the Better web to more people.



@curtismchale Hey Curtis, the links appear to work for me on the clients I tried them on (including the Web client). I know one of the clients at least has issues parsing URLs surrounded by parentheses. Which client are you using?

(And thank you for supporting our work. I hope it makes your web experience better) :)

@aral Amaroq (ios client) and the first ( was included in the url so it read as wrong

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