Flying to Amsterdam to take part in a workshop co-organised by the Commons Network to help formulate a strategy to get the European Union to shift its focus from “Digital Single Market” to a goal that prioritises people/personhood/human rights and a healthy commons instead of corporations/business/the market.


This saturday I will speak at an Italian conference about how Europe should not fight the current #AI / #BigData #war on the #market terrain, but move it where it's stronger: #Culture, #Education, #Regulations and along this strenghts we should orient our #research.

If I can ask: where are you from?


And btw, please share interesting insight you get there! :-)

@Shamar I’m a French citizen. The full answer is longer but my parents are Turkish :)


Well, I'm Italian... :)

That is: I'm a mix of hundreds of ethnic, cultures, languages, foods, stories... and funnily (and sometimes not so funnily) my parents come from the extreme nord and extreme south of Italy... thus... you know...

I'm a mess! :-D

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