@hntooter So much this.

But then again, if you’re a honeypot and your goal is to keep developers busy (especially developers who might otherwise be working on naughty things that could actually threaten the status quo that pays you your billions), creating new programming languages is a wonderful way to do so.

@aral @hntooter
IMO similar to: "We shouldn't have 10 toothbrush companies all re-inventing the same device and spending millions on advertising to get us to use their toothbrush instead of the other one, look at all the waste! We should just have one scientifically governed toothbrush company which will efficiently produce toothbrushes for everybody"


@cjd @hntooter A better analogy would be toothbrush companies inventing plastics factories.

@aral @hntooter To the general idea of "lets all just work together instead of competing", I also have a reaction b/c I used to work in research. We had partners who were BAD, they wrote code which was a hideous monstrosity of FactoryManagers, in 1 minute I could verify that nobody would EVER willingly use it. But they had religious attachment to it, if we didn't PRETEND to be using it, it was a personal insult and would create political problems. They used to say exactly this.

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