@Deiru@gensokyo.social @bob @rik Wow, they do? I had no idea. How does that work? So, just so we’re clear, what you’re saying is the way we try and protect ourselves from surveillance is to switch off our devices and disconnect instead of complaining or trying to change the system? Do you have a manifesto or something somewhere that outlines this daring new vision? I’m champing at the bit to learn more about it.

@Deiru@gensokyo.social @bob @rik Sorry, just saw that your response was in reply to @bob’s and not a direct response to the criticism itself. I take it back if I misunderstood your intent.


@Deiru@gensokyo.social @bob @rik It just riles me up when I hear people utter some variant of “if you don’t like it, don’t use it” which is akin to the beloved fascist statement “love it or leave it”. No, we will and we do criticise, we will and we do resist and oppose, and we will and we do build alternatives and throughout all this, we will and we do keep using digital/networked technology and infrastructures instead of disconnecting & keeping quiet.

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