@paul Facebook has over 2 billion users on its network.

if actual outreach and coalition building is a key target for organizing, why in the world would we shun a tool obviously still critical in that realm?

I absolutely hate fb and wish everyone would come to #fediverse. That's also a pipe dream when ppl are busy and use the tools they know and cant get all the things here that they do there.

I remade an acct to keep up with comrades / access events.

Organize where effective.

@slackz Organising on Facebook is handing a nicely formatted list of all activists, all their contacts, friends and family, their 24/7 location data, browsing history, and a list of how to manipulate them to the authorities.

It doesn't matter how many people are there, it's not worth it.

If people truly care about an issue they'll go to the extreme inconvenience of typing a different URL into their browser to visit a safer site with less surveillance built in.

@paul @slackz This.

Audre Lorde said it best: “The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.”

@aral @paul the argument is not that fb is some force for good, but rather that we should be pragmatic enough to not let ideals blind us.

Would I like every single one of my comrades to perma delete fb and make the fediverse their social media home? Hell. Yes.

Is that going to happen? Absolutely not.

So the question is... do we abandon all those connections and channels of communication because it's a terrible platform?

I don't think that's remotely strategic. And I think it's selfish


@slackz @paul The only legitimate use of Facebook I see is to use it against the grain to get people off of Facebook. So, yes, use it to reach people you wouldn’t otherwise reach but not as the canonical location of any information or functionality. Make the canonical location of your activism an independent place and lead people there with every post on Facebook (if it even reaches them via their algorithmically-censored timelines).


@aral @paul I read content everyday on fb that i would not see elsewhere. Pan-African revolutionaries, prison / police abolitionists, incredible indigenous activists...

I dont see all their posts, surely i don't trust fb for curating all the things, sometimes I have to click thru to profile to see various things.

But I also know if I just chucked fb i the trash, I would miss all that and be a lesser organizer. Yea fuck fb and let's persuade ppl off, but there's a lot of nuance here

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