That’s interesting, so the Amaroq client has a hard-coded ban of Do any other Mastodon clients have hardcoded bans? Thoughts?

@aral fuck nazis/white supremacists.

They can run their own infrastructure if they want, along with the codebase to support it.

I think banning that server is what I would have done, if I would maintain an ActivityPub client.

@aral I don't approve of censorship, but inconvenience & obstruction is fine. They can edit source and build their own version if they want, it's just not easy.

@aral Seems like something I would personally appreciate as a default setting, but would want to be a̲b̲l̲e̲ to change in the settings.

Sometimes one might want to be able to see specifically what the people one has the least in common with are talking about, as I have done for content from authoritarians such as ISIL, actual Nazis, etc, in order to know better how to counter them (elsewhere).

@aral hard-coded ban is unacceptable. it should be a default option which can be reversed. on the other hand, there's three laws of robotics 🤔

@aral Censoring it doesn't make it go away. 🙈​

@aral Also the "containsString" worries me, so "" and "legab.aim" would also blocked…?


I hope not. I think Amaroq or any client developer has every right to ban whoever they want - I just wish they put a disclaimer about it.

But it’s just a slippery slope for these developers. Where do they draw the line? Is ok?

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