‘Surveillance capitalism has led us into a dystopia’

The BBC will be releasing this short BBC Ideas piece tomorrow morning but you get a sneak peek because you’re on the fediverse ;)

PS. Note to self: learn to stare less intensely at the camera and blink more.

@aral IDK, an unblinking stare feels appropriate, given the topic.

@aral yep, definitely blink more. Except... nooo...

@aral 2:45 is an excellent format to get people hooked on the subject. Way to go with BBC.

As for the staring, let's just think of it as eyes wide open. In a way, it kinda reinforces the importance of the matter at hand so don't sweat. Had you been talking about pink unicorns and rainbows with your eyes wide open, we might have thought you mad 😉

@aral i never woulda noticed your eyes unless you said something. you're so vain. i bet you think this toot is about you. (lol jk, it's probly the opposite of vanity which is also a capitalist thing)

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