My BBC Ideas piece on is now on the main page of BBC News. Tell your friends, spread the word :)

HT @cbowdon

cool video but ... the iClock on your wrist ... is it free software/hardware and free from surveillance capitalism ?
isn't is used by some employers/insurance company to surveil their "subjects" anc compel them to certain behaviors ?

or is it some sign to reassure people that you are not a "ludite" ?

this one seems more appropriate for a next interview imho

@Olm_e See

I am not aware of corporate backdoors or forced data sharing with employers or insurance companies on the Apple Watch – with other fitness trackers, yes.

I happily will and do criticise Apple & their proprietary tech (and no trillion/multi-billion dollar company is your friend) but they are an accessible stop gap for now. Regarding the “more appropriate” watch – I’m happy to leave the wearing of counterculture uber-geek merchandising to the cool kids at CCC.

@aral "you're not aware .." but you have no way to know (closed box).
those "uber geeks" are just normal people taking the not so difficult task of building a digital clock with dedication.
other way of funding ... other culture...
I understand you're not 'that' radical and there is still some posture in there, but ok,
thanks for building the bridge with the old world ;)

@Olm_e I’m not radical at all; it’s the mainstream that’s radical. But I also don’t derive my sense of identity from being counter to the mainstream. I want to see us change the mainstream; I don’t want to see the mainstream go on as it is so I can continue to wear the cool counterculture gear and attend the counterculture parties.

@aral "be the change you want to see in the world" said someone ...
(he managed to free the Indians from the English... )

mainstream is not radical, it's violent. (radical as in "going to the roots")
and countercultures are the roots of the next main cultural currents of the future that retains some main figures.

(& I wear my printed sunglasses in public, not in counterculture events ;) )

@Olm_e Gosh, I better quit my high paying job at Google and get started on that then. Thanks!

@aral cynism won't get anywhere here... :/
and actually displaying that iclock on national tv while having an argument about data managment and privacy _is_ actually "working for Apple" ...
please understand it is undermining your talking point. (that I support in the broad sense)

@aral and btw, the "ubergeeks" of old times were called "clock-makers" and were capable of building a wrist clock from scratch brass ... and there was one at each corner of the town ...
nowadays you can't find anyone capable of repairing a wrist clock being it mechanical or electronic ...
so these "cool kids" are not "wearing merchandising" but building a new world that you use in slogan ;)

@aral @Olm_e That raises the question as to whether there are any fitness trackers which Respect Your Freedom. If not then making something like that where you keep the data would be a nice project.


@natacha has done research and work on that question (ethical body measurement) for some time, hacking of fitbit (if I remember) and other theoretical research
documented here


@Olm_e @bob @aral
Indeed in the case of fitness trackers the issue isn't so much data leak but social control. Insurance companies do not breach into your data, they mainly give you primes and or premium features if you share your data with them.
Apple watch might or might not leak your data, but in all cases it will not give it data back to you, capturing much more data then the fitness tracker presents you....
Open and free software is needed here to see what is collected and for what reason.

@aral Congats. However I think its gone from the front page now, I cant find it, do you have the full URL?

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