Got @better to stop crashing on El Capitan and got the introduction popover to display properly (pro-tip: you must have an image for the Any slot in an asset catalogue, even if it is a copy of the Light state – adding just Light and Dark isn’t enough; your image just won’t show up on El Capitan – no warning, nothing. Also, if you have constraint warnings, fix them. Looks like Mojave fixes certain things intelligently; El Capitan sits back and roasts a marshmallow on the embers of your dreams.)


@better Right, fixed the other remaining El Capitan issues with @better

One (where Settings were not being saved) was actually not a bug with the app but an issue with the OS when uninstalling/reinstalling apps during development that you can workaround by rebooting or restarting the preferences daemon (killall -SIGTERM cfprefsd).

The other was the NSScrollView of an NSTextView not setting its contentInsets properly. Workaround was to set them on the Clip View inside it instead.


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