Just submitted both the macOS and iOS versions of Better 2018.2 to Apple for review. Should be with you soon :)

Also, thank you all for your feedback on macOS pricing. It does sound like there is very little difference on Mac between €1.99 and €4.99 so I think we’re going to set the price back to the latter and see how it goes. The difference may be small individually but it does really make a difference in our ability to pay the rent :)

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@aral Hmmm, what is that joke-forumla..?
"In Soviet Russia, the rent pays YOU!"?

@aral Since my wife had already purchased it at the lower price, family sharing wouldn’t let me purchase it again at the higher price. So out of options, I made a donation instead. Thank you for your work!

@steveroy Steve, that’s so kind of you; thank you :) Do let @laura and me know how you get on with it and if you notice any issues :)

@aral The 2018.2 iOS version was available early this morning.

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