Facebook guy literally selling Facebook ads at


@aral how we violate our users privacy to sell stuff and how you can do so too

@Deiru @aral This is a psychologically interesting point. What sort of doublethink must the organizers have been engaging in to believe that a Facebook guy was going to have interesting things to say about privacy?

Or perhaps Facebook just bunged them a bunch of sponsorship cash.

@aral what kind of a privacy conference is that? 🤨

@aral Did they ended there because they are sponsoring the event?

@Ninjatrappeur @aral they aren't official sponsors (according to the website), but with them and all sorts of corporate/govt types being most of the space/time and Aral (the only person who isn't one of the "suit" types) being balkanised to a "dinnertime" talk I can't help but think of "Stockholm Syndrome" 😉

@aral Wow. Squaring *that* up with privacy will take some next-level spin.

@aral Or, as your experience demonstrates, weren't allowed to. Can't go around upsetting the royalty, after all. /s


there is literally nothing that can be fixed on this planet until these kind of people and organisations have been expired.

Seriously. People need to *explicitly* ban them from events. Nothing will get better until Facebook is suffocated.

@aral "les cons, ça ose tout. C'est même à ça qu'on les reconnait"

@aral Is this a Privacy Arena as in "we throw privacy in an arena and watch lions eating it"?


I know this serious but this remark made me laugh out loud. Sometimes you can either laugh or cry.

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