Wow, Reuters, 1984 was meant to be a warning, not an instruction manual, you absolute muppets.

@aral Bad, but OTOH, works for me (Latest Firefox in private mode, with uBlock origin (with your better list as one of the blocklists), privacy badger, noscript and a hosts file).

@aral I use Firefox Focus and it works. How to reproduce this?

@aral works fine with private mode in Firefox for Android with uBlock Origin installed.

Kept working after turning uBlock off, too!

>This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.
The best experience is apparently having 30% of the viewport blocked by a popup you can't decline.

@polychrome @nee I like how you have an EU cookie warning on this article. Very meta.

@aral Not good at all which makes me glad I don't read them as often if not ever.

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