I’ll be on Inside Story on Aljazeera today to discuss how we can regulate the abuses of surveillance capitalists like Facebook/Google and how we can create an alternative to surveillance capitalism where we fund ethical technology owned and controlled by individuals from the commons for the common good.

We will be recording at 13:30 GMT and it will air at 17:30 GMT.

You can watch it on the live stream at:

We had a couple of technical issues but I think it went well overall and I feel I managed to get my points across.

Airs at 17:30 GMT. You can watch it on the live steam at

Looks like there’s some “breaking news” on US-Saudi relations and thus the programme has not started yet. Not sure if/when it will at this point. Will update if there’s a change.

Right, they just announced they’re moving to News Hour so it looks like our Inside Story has been bumped :(

@boris My goodness, you’d almost think that that’s true of 99.99999% of all publishing/media sites on the face of planet and that we live under surveillance capitalism :)

(And, no, we’re not going to keep quiet and disappear because of it. We’re going to use the tools of the surveillance capitalists against the grain and against their interests to raise awareness while also pushing for regulation and building ethical alternatives to their toxic businesses and products.)

@aral It's a long history that this sort of data collecting for profit is allowed in the first place, so it is actually not as easy as it sounds. For the first part most of the users decide to be blatantly ignorant about it and don't even want to look it up themselves, the popular phrase is "Well so what? It's not like they will do anything bad about it anyway." comes into play and thus allows services like Facebook and the software giant Microsoft to exist in the first place.

"(And, no, we’re not going to keep quiet and disappear because of it."
I didn't really meant in a discouraging tone that it is pointless reporting such event, it is better off letting the user giving the possibility of accessing this information in the first place even if its just approximately 1-2% or so of them wanting to read about it and perhaps do something about it which is better than not having more of this information available.

" building ethical alternatives to their toxic businesses and products."
Well such alternatives exist already, so the base for that is already there but the big problem is not building up one but the promotion of it and promoting things cost a lot of money which most hobby developer just simply can't invest into it, and that is from what I could read from your few post so far people like you come into play, to promote alternative software that is possible to have such kind of platform and software without having to datamine the user. And with the lack of money there is also lack of competition it is almost impossible for a FOSS developer to promote his software against the corporation solution because with their business model they can get more money and invest more in marketing.
I hope that there are reruns or at least a YouTube upload

Bummer. Will they reschedule it? I'd like to listen to that conversation.

@cameron Asked them; no response yet. Will post an update when they do :)

@aral Watching now. It's shocking how some people just don't get the fundamentals of the business model involved.

@aral watched it on

Really well said, everything, thanks for putting those ideas out there!

BTW, isn't Eugen (the main coder of Mastodon) from Germany?

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