Ethical design isn’t about trying to reform billion-dollar corporations like Google and Facebook that have fundamentally unethical business models, it’s about designing organisations with ethical business models that, therefore, can create ethical products and services.

@aral How can mechanism likes that can work in capitalist world?


@Eyal It can’t. But we can build bridges towards where it can in a post-capitalist world. The existential test for our species is whether we can move beyond capitalism.


We MUST build those bridges. The thinking entrenched around capitalism & against anything else is so deep. Those bridges are key steps to opening the door to educate people that we can (and absolutely must) think outside of capitalist modes of thought in order for us and this planet to survive.

While these are grand ideals, they are only a plaster (bandage/bandaid) on capitalism. Exploitation is at its core & won't change until it's part of the past.

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