@aral the irony of the article being on a website that itself doesn't seem to allow opting out of their surveillance… 🤪

@mathieu @aral Vox sites are some of the worst at this. There isn't even an opt-out 😡

@mathieu There are a literal handful (if that) of news/publishing sites that are not surveillance capitalists. We replaced the free press with the behavioural advertising industry a decade ago.


@aral to be clear, that wasn't a stab against you linking to such a site. We can only do with the cards we have in hand.

It was more about them, reporting big news about how a terrible model is (finally!) being attacked, while they do the exact same thing.

I mean, do they even read the articles they publish? 🙂

@mathieu Oh, I know :) And the hypocrisy is overwhelming and I do call it out whenever I get the chance. (e.g., from yesterday: twitter.com/aral/status/106781)

If anything, my point was to draw attention to the fact that this is ubiquitous. It’s not just that site, or a handful of sites, or thousands of sites – it’s basically every news/publishing site.

If you want a laugh (cry?) see my section in this article:


(I only agreed to be part of it to make that point.) :)

@aral If the fines were paid to the people wronged then this may have some merit.

But all regulatory fines go to some political exchequer or other, so really it is just a 'super tax' on a companies profits to ensure the 'authorities' get their cut of the ill gotten gains.

It amounts to a 100% EU tax on the compensation we should be receiving.

@aral well they pay a marginal amount of money..

and do business as usual
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