Given that there’s ongoing work to build a version of (, I thought I might as well learn the language (it is nice – feels not too dissimilar to Swift so far).

Started working through the Rust book ( tonight. I’m pushing the solutions to the exercises as I work through them. If there’s a better way to do something that’s Rust-specific, please feel free to comment, etc. :)

Advent of code 2018 just started and I hope to complete it with Rust.

@aral sounds great! and code is fine (few minor things I'd do differently, nothing important). Feel free to ask me questions when you have them 😀

@aral Weren't you against of the creation of new languages by mozilla?

@ekaitz_zarraga No, I’m against Mozilla whitewashing surveillance capitalism and being a honeypot. I have nothing against using the tools of surveillance capitalists against their interests whenever possible.

@aral I can search for tweets where you say there's no need for another programming language and they should be doing other kind of stuff instead ;)

But anyway, Rust has tons of users. It may be the best thing that mozilla invested time on.

@ekaitz_zarraga Yes, exactly, if they were what they say they are they would be funded differently and working on very different things. But they built a new programming language. If it has uses that benefit our mission, I’ll use it.

@aral It was a good lang at least.

I think the same way: I don't care who created the technology, if it's free software and it fits my goal I use it.

@aral @ekaitz_zarraga One thing to watch out for is whether any telemetry occurs via cargo or similar. I assume it doesn't, but with Mozilla they're not exactly forthcoming about such things.

@paul @bob @aral @ekaitz_zarraga apparently it isn't enabled by default and doesn't submit anywhere except for your local hard drive if you enable it.

@measlytwerp @bob @aral @ekaitz_zarraga the intention was for it to work and send data to Google.

Just because the feature didn't work due to bugs doesn't change that.

@measlytwerp @ekaitz_zarraga @aral @paul

I think this is illustrative of Mozilla's general approach.

And indeed it might not be currently active and might just log locally. If so then why call it telemetry instead of a log file, which is the standard terminology for local monitoring?

Also it might be harmless now, but maybe a few versions later...

@bob @measlytwerp @ekaitz_zarraga @paul Oh and look where the guy who put in that merge request works. I’ll give you a hint, it starts with a G…

@aral @bob @ekaitz_zarraga @paul so he works for Google, it's still not sending any data to Google, nor has there been any indication in the 2+ years since that this was ever what the author intended to happen.

Telemetry can be useful in other ways, for example you could collect it on a build server and use it to discover toolchain issues.

@measlytwerp @aral @bob @ekaitz_zarraga @paul Telemetry is great for discovering issues in production, eg: What issues RAM/Nand starting to fail can cause, or bugs on alternate platforms. In the hands of a caring developer, it can significantly improve the quality of an application.

That being said, large companies like to use telemetry data for nefarious purposes...


I am not at all suggesting that apparently dead telemetry code may exist for two years or more because it then only takes a small, i.e. less noticeable, injection to active it during a version update. That could never happen in the wild. I am sure of it.
@bob @ekaitzzarraga @aral @paul @measlytwerp Open about:config, search for all settings with 'http' in them, delete the string. (Except maybe for update notifications.)

@bob @paul @aral @ekaitz_zarraga @measlytwerp Does anyone want to file a bug report asking for its removal? Won't go away unless someone makes it. Post the issue link here to get some thumbs up on it. :)

@measlytwerp @paul @bob @ekaitz_zarraga Step 1: gently place frog in room temperature water.

Step 2: slowly begin to turn up the heat…

@djsumdog @aral @measlytwerp @bob @ekaitz_zarraga the frog stays put if you say the telemetry is only stored locally (currently)

@paul @djsumdog @aral @bob @ekaitz_zarraga is it too much to ask that you demonstrate that what you claim is happening is actually happening?

Yes Google is awful, they do not deserve the benefit of the doubt but neither is that enough to validate your claim.

@measlytwerp @paul @djsumdog @bob @ekaitz_zarraga Indeed. The thing is, when faced with a fox, you can’t blame the chickens for being distrustful.

@measlytwerp @djsumdog @aral @bob @ekaitz_zarraga Read the issue. They literally say it's fine to send to Google because it will be opt-in.

@paul @djsumdog @aral @bob @ekaitz_zarraga the part you seem to have missed was "opt-in" and the whole never implemented thing. Your just spreading misinformation and conspiracy theory level stupidity at this point.

@paul @djsumdog @aral @bob @ekaitz_zarraga be vehement about this, but please also do your due diligence to make sure that vehemence is warranted before you go attacking people or projects.

@paul @djsumdog @aral @bob @ekaitz_zarraga insinuating that someone is naive because they won't take your word for something is just lazy, insulting and entirely counter productive.

@paul @measlytwerp @aral @bob @ekaitz_zarraga To be fair, that does get addressed, and as measley pointed out, it's only stored locally.

@aral @ekaitz_zarraga
> I have nothing against using the tools of surveillance capitalists against their interests whenever possible.

You mean, like TCP/IP? Oops.
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