@aral you could say VC is like the fast food of investments and will give you the same poor results over the long term. Humble, constant, steady growth would be like making food on your own - it takes a while to learn and make convenient, but when you do it's just so much better. So yeah, that's a metaphor.

Also please don't get politicians in this shithole thx

@aral oh and yes. THE DEFAULTS. ABSOLUTELY YES. I don't know why is it so hard to understand, but you can design simple, efficient, flexible software and then just put some extra software with nice defaults on top to make it more welcoming and practical. It just blows my mind that so many people either disregard UX or think it's impossible with open source.


Hi - thanks for explaining cloud concerns etc. on your site and the shared talks.

Re. Mozilla. Was surprised to see you called them out - can I ask what you think #Firefox and #Thunderbird users should be aware of?

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