public authorities "can secretly compel tech companies and individual technologists, including network administrators, sysadmins, and open source developers – to re-engineer software and hardware under their control, so that it can be used to spy on their users. Engineers can be penalized for refusing to comply with fines and prison"... sounds like a nightmare but it is reality in the #UK and #Australia #eff #spy #privacy #security

@Björn Schießle 🌍 🇪🇺 @Aral Balkan @Wu-Lee @Strypey ( refugee)

I'm building crypto tools that I can't break.

Y'all can do what you want.

OT: I'd like to talk about one my friends for a minute. His name is Billy Bobkins.

'Do any of you have home alarm systems? Have you ever accidentally tripped the "tamper switch"?'
-- Billy Bobkins

@mike @strypey @bjoern Hey, Billy, let’s talk about that once home alarm systems actually work, k mate?

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