@aral damn, Instagram still writes "you requested deletion of this account", despite I did it in 2014 or in 2015.

There is no real deletion in Facebook's shit :(

@Groosha @aral I just deleted my Instagram and it seems to be ‘deleted’ - I can’t login anymore and my username 404s on the site.

@kiron @aral it shows "Page not available" for me either, but the fact that Facebook still tracks my account (both photos :D) somewhere on their servers bothers me a lot.

Deletion must be... well, deletion. Not "hiding" or "moving".

@Groosha I‘m waiting for the backup of my data and it goes next (or Google, depending on which get me my backups first) :)

@aral never did the Facebag myself. Though I am active on the tweeters...mostly because of our show...though I think I was shadow banned as I spent some time posting replies to sponsored content explaining why life is better without the said product or service.

Much prefer the mostly unregulated fediverse and extended anarchic protocols and projects. It’s a Petrie dish of human interaction. Some of the blooms are truly fascinating

@ChrisWilson I’m keeping my Twitter account for now… but constantly weighing up the pros and cons (and pushing Mastodon whenever I can).

@aral GJ Man!
Sadly I still have to use it, educational purposes :/

@yimo I hear you. As long as institutions, local community groups, etc., keep using it, we are going to have a hard time gaining herd immunity.

That said, we can push those groups to use free and open/decentralised and peer-to-peer alternatives as they become available.

@aral I'm so glad I never ever opened an account in the first place. Happy New Year! :-)

@morrick I opened mine something like 11 years ago. I was young and naive :)

Happy New Year!

@aral I did this waaay back in April. 😂 😂 😂

@Aral Balkan

As long as institutions, local community groups, etc., keep using it (...)

But the best argument against this use is quite simply: "I'm not on facebook, and I don't accept their terms of service, so you'll have to find another way to inform us."

@harald That sort of push-back can be useful too unless you depend on those groups for some reason (depends on privilege and power relationships). But yes, if you can do that, do it.

@aral But how will you get to re-live random memories from 2009? /s

@aral took you awhile before you finally bit the bullet. ;) How about instagram? ;)

@rpf 2018.ar.al/notes/spyware-vs-sp

I no longer feel the risk is worth it. And with Facebook’s algorithms, goodness knows who you’re reaching anyway. And it’s at a point where I feel legitimising the platform with your presence nullifies any positive good you can do on it by trying to use it against the grain. And the mainstream media has turned against the platform so people can actually read about the issues elsewhere.

@aral Good to know. we need to do extra effort to inform friends and family of the dangers of Facebook and Google. ;)

@aral how do you delete it? i thought they only allowed you to deactivate it?

@monstermonstre Not sure about other jurisdictions but in the EU we have the right to be forgotten and we also have the right to have our data deleted under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). I had the option to delete the account in my Settings.

Remember to immediately clear your cookies or it won't delete!

@aral making that move now. Typing up a dm for contacts i dont wanna lose, but yeah damn, done with it.

Even for pragmatic reasons with organizing, I cant anymore. Ppl need to get off that shit and make space on platforms that arent evil corporate cesspools.


Did you also asked them to delete info about you?
They asked me to come back with one click, account was signed with my full name, that I never gave.
I said: Fuck off. But haven't requested deletion of info about me. Hopefully that's possible.

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