“The Google data archive you started on December 31, 2018 is ready. It contains your Android Device Configuration Service, Blogger, Bookmarks, Calendar, Chrome, Classic Sites, Classroom, Cloud Print, Contacts, Data Shared For Research, Drive, Fit, G Suite Marketplace, Google Help Communities, Google My Business, Google Pay, Google Photos, Google Play Books, Google Play Console, Google Play Games Services, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Store, Google Shopping, Google+ +1s on websites, …

… Google+ Circles, Google+ Communities, Google+ Stream, Groups, Handsfree, Hangouts, Hangouts on Air, Home App, Input Tools, Keep, Location History, Mail, Maps, Maps (your places), My Activity, My Maps, News, Posts on Google, Profile, Purchases & Reservations, Reminders, Saved, Search Contributions, Street View, Tasks, Textcube, Voice, and YouTube data.”

And that’s just Google. Not what Alphabet, Inc. has on me. No data they bought from brokers. No derived data.


This isn’t meant to be an annoying question so I am sorry if it comes across that way.

Is it not possible for you to ‘delete’ most of the data google has on you and close your account?


@UnclearFuture Not an annoying question, don’t worry :) I wanted to have a backup of the data I’d “volunteered” (knowingly or otherwise) through the years (I started using Google, when it was just search, twenty years ago). It was a step towards closing the account. Which I just did :)


Ah, okay, thank you for your answer, it's truly appreciated. I'm glad you managed to close your account also :)

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