I’m on Al Jazeera Inside Story in a few minutes to talk about reining I’m surveillance capitalists like Google and Facebook in the context of the new French tax.

Watch the live stream at:

Do you able to secure recording of aired time ?

I like to watch it.



Loved the Skype logo at the top right :)

The tobacco analogy works very well, and it's the first time I heard someone talk about "Mastodon" on broad audience on TV. Well done!

I'll try to pick up the interview on replay to listen to it a second time (as you know, my english is quite bad :P)

Thanks a lot!

@aral Nice job! Glad you steered the conversation more to the underlying privacy flaws with #GAFA, and nice plug for Mastodon.

@aral congrats on being able to keep it on point and keep your cool. It can be frustrating to have these sorts of conversations with the uninitiated/concerned. Thanks for bringing these issues into the public consciousness!

@aral Glen Goodman sounds like a broken record, he has no idea what he's talking about!

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