:arthurfist: People who blast videos/games from their phones without headphones in public places.

Dude’s just straight up watching a sitcom and so apparently are we all in this cafe. Because I’m not trying to code or anything.

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@aral Either, their choice of entertainment is an eighth wonder of the world that requires evangelical broadcasting in public spaces to spread the word, or, there is a major lack of consideration in their world view that watching a sitcom or playing music or videogame isn't going to address.

Make a personal statement, but do it the old fashioned way on a T-shirt. Keep your audiovisual pollution to yourself, by being considerate of others in a public place. Drives me wild on public transport.

@aral Hate it when that happens. We have the same sort of disrespect on the metro here in Paris sometimes. Just plain selfish.

Happy new years anyway and hey, it's almost 6 and we're saturday, stop trying to code and have a beer eh 😀

@mh8 Haha! I’d completely forgotten it was Saturday (not that I keep a regular work week anyway). I think the Jan-1st-is-a-Tuesday thing messed up my inner chronometer :) Happy New Year to you too!

@aral I'm rude enough to go up and say "Hey, buddy, put on some headphones, OK?" but I guarantee he'll say he has no headphones and MUST watch this and get hostile.

@mdhughes I was thinking more of firing up Netflix, jacking up the volume and sitting next to him. Thankfully, he now gone.

@aral Thoughtlessness or alpha-male dominance display?

@aral In those cases I wish I had the superpower cancelling noise waves...

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