How To Get Flatpak Apps To Use The Correct Gtk Theme

‘Flatpak is great for many reasons, but there's one annoyance. Due to sandboxing, Flatpak applications use the default Gnome theme (Adwaita), and not whatever Gtk theme you're currently using.

The fix for this issue is to install your current Gtk theme from Flathub. This way, Flatpak applications will automatically pick up your current system Gtk theme and use that instead of Adwaita.’

@aral You can also just run "flatpak update" at the command line to fix this if it doesn't work.

Flatpak is aware of themes and tries to install the correct theme if it exists in flatpak form.

(I suppose a case where an available theme doesn't match is when there hasn't been a flatpak update since a theme changed to one that didn't have flatpak support installed.)

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