You have a limited amount of time in this world. You decide whether to spend it being “neutral” (legitimising trillion-dollar surveillance capitalists) or working with those of us trying to raise awareness about their abuses so we can actually regulate them and get funding for ethical alternatives that don’t rely on them. If you’re doing the former don’t you dare criticise those doing the latter. We’re not the ones punching down and we don’t owe you an explanation for doing the right thing.

@aral its hard work and exhausting doing the latter. As someone who naturally finds conflict terrifying I rarely make my voice heard but I do support your effort and appreciate the work you do.

@aral Speaking of which, I haven't found a postmortem about – I'd very much like to read about it.

@notabene It’s on my list. Hypha is the continuation. Nutshell: plans to welcome conservative local government included cutting our budget at first review after six months.


Nobody is neutral and who claims to be is either manipulated or manipulating someone else.

However refusing criticisms is highly inefficient and counter productive.

I always welcome criticisms because people

- might be plain right and make me aware of my blind spots (because each of us have many blind spots)
- might change their mind if they are wrong in good faith (and I know my stuffs enough to explain them)
- might provide perspective I can't see from my location

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