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This is not going to happen.

The #fediverse doesn’t have such powe.

Even if the whole Fediverse boosted that #FreeSoftware cannot get #Google money and preserve #freedom, that would not go mainstram.

OTOH @conservancy cancelling #CopyleftConf because THEY recognise Google would inhibit #FreeSpeech would shake Free Software from the fundaments.

It's naive to hope for this.


@Shamar @oshwm@mastodon.social @wolftune @cwebber @bob @conservancy Yeah, not going to happen. Richard told me he isn’t going to pull FSF sponsorship from the event or criticise them for it either as he doesn’t want to anger them (Conservancy).

@aral @oshwm @wolftune @cwebber @bob @conservancy

I won't tell you that I told you but... oh wait! :-D

I'm just surprised that #RMS didn't saw this coming: he is very smart and focused on free software, he invented #copyleft and spread it...

Maybe he is just too moderate, after all.

He is transparent that he would work with the #Devil to spread #FreeSoftware in #Hell, so #surveillance is not a big issue.. ;-)

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