Getting an extreme right-wing National government to approve the #NZGOAL framework was an amazing achievement. NZGOAL officially advises the public service to release publicly-funded works under a #CreativeCommons license, and later software under a #FreeCode license in the Software Extension to NZGOAL.

@strypey Are they share alike / CopyLeft licenses or liberal ones? If liberal ones, it’s no surprise. For a right/extreme-right government, releasing government assets in a manner where they can be enclosed by industry is just privatisation. Now, if they were released under share alike and CopyLeft licenses, that would be unprecedented (not holding my breath).

@aral you hit the nail on the head. See the rest of the rant ;)


@strypey Ah, sorry, I didn’t see it was a thread :)

@aral no worries ;) It was my first experiment with a new way of writing blog posts that stops me from over-thinking and especially over-editing them as I compose. I'll chuck that rant up on the #Disintermedia blog sometime this week.

@strypey @aral One of the best blogs I've read in some time I'll add.
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