Hey folks, if you’re still on birdsite, please help me boost this tweet:


Let’s get some more folks on Mastodon and the fediverse while also raising awareness about surveillance capitalism.

Thanks in advance :)


@aral Isn’t using Twitter a legitimization of surveillance capitalism or is Twitter not a surveillance capitalism company?


@kmicu You can use Twitter against the grain and against its interests to reach people who would otherwise not be able to reach. That’s how I use it. That said, I’m constantly evaluating that trade off. At the end of last year, I stopped using Facebook because it wasn’t effective (who even knows who sees your posts; it’s an algorithmic timeline). Also shut down my Google account. Keeping Twitter for now and using it to raise awareness + move people here. 2018.ar.al/notes/spyware-vs-sp

@kmicu (Note, I wrote that four years ago. Again, note what has changed in my approach in those four years. We do have alternatives now and we should be using them whenever possible and leading people to them. We must build (one way) bridges.)

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