OH in cafe in Cork: “… it’s a new startup: they buy apartments on the cheap, fix them up, and then rent them out on AirBnB.”

Meanwhile, Ireland is in the midst of a housing crisis.

Fuck these people.

@aral Brussels and Amsterdam just have given 9 million to two startups in A’dam for exploiting electrical sharing bikes for tourists.Completely idiotic because there are too many bikes here, you need to be experienced for electric ridingin this city and most tourists are not, and those sharingbikes are a source of datamining.

@KeaW *sigh* And if one of those startups exits to a Silicon Valley datamining firm, they will celebrate that as a success story and an example of European “innovation”.

@aral Ireland has learned fucking nothing. A decade in the wilderness, and straight back to the wolf’s door.

@dgold @aral Ireland had a long history of abusive landlords. But people are fine with it if the landlord's are Irish

The whole concept of #Disruption has been warped. Originally this had negative connotation, but now it is seen as some necessary business / innovation requirement.

Slogans like "Disrupt, or be disrupted" or "Be the disruptor" etc. are all 'Moving fast and break things' plots, where the human(e) aspects are not fully considered, and rather a VC driven vision of quickly taking some perceived market niche and making loads of money, are the real drivers.

@aral They sure do. But I hear that many small Bacteriophages can fight them successfully, where old methods like antibiotics are increasingly less successful :)

@humanetech @aral

Bacteriophages are viruses which feed on bacteria. Antibiotics also affect bacteria, but instead of targeting specific bacteria, as the phages do, they poison the environment.

There may be something in that, as VC being bacteria, environmental collapse being auto-antibiotic, but what we need are bacteriophages.

@midder Ah yes, my comparison went all off I guess 😄 But agreement on the need for phages. @aral

@aral The story of #Lisbon. Portuguese can't afford to live there as housing prices tripled in the last 5-10 year. In the meantime, I see advertisements like this showing up in #TheEconomist...
I heard #Madrid isn't much better off.

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