Hypha Aspect Spike 1 complete:

We will be generating keys from a strong password + domain as salt.

Next spike: create a hyperdrive in the browser using the generated key material and replicate via WebSocket à la Jim Pick’s DAT Shopping List demo.

@aral Where is the page generating the keys served from?

@aral has nothing to do with crypto its when you create strong passwords or keys etc

@yukiame What I meant is I’m using existing libraries for key derivation, etc., and they handle those details properly. If you mean entropy in choosing a password when people use it, yeah, the system won’t let you choose a password with low entropy. I might use Diceware/zxcvbn as recommended by the session25519 library. It will also recommend that the person keep the password in a password manager with links to some good ones.

@aral these libraries need a good source of entropy ; I rec a Hardware USB entropy generating key , i bought one years ago but i forgot its name

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