DAT-1 spike complete! :success:

1. Generates strong passphrase using Diceware (EFF’s word list).

2. From the passphrase, derives Ed25519 (signing) and Curve25519 (encryption) key material.

3. Uses signing keys to create an in-browser hypercore.

4. Replicates the in-browser hypercore to the unprivileged always-on node via web socket.

5. Always-on node joins hyperswarm and replicates with native client.

@xj9 It looks like you’re trying to be an asshole.

Would you like help?

🔘 Go fuck yourself

☑ Don’t show me this tip again



DAT and IPFS folks forked DHT for no reason. BEPs exist for all of the Great Innovative Features that were supposedly missing from Kademlia DHT.

i can forgive DAT because academia is often out of touch with reality. IPFS though, explicitly chose to fork DHT because "they didn't want to be associated with copyright infringement". they went on to launch a crypto currency to monetize IPFS. its silly because BitTorrent doesn't do anything special to enable copyright infringement. IPFS and DAT don't have any features that would prevent this either.

really, IPFS and DAT just want to feel speical for inventing their own network instead of cooperating with people who have been working and using DHTs in production for over a decade.

classic NIH and i STRONGLY disagree with it.

@aral thanks for sharing your experiments 🙆‍♂️

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