Q. What should I use to protect myself from surveillance on a Chromebook?

A. A hammer.

@aral which spots should i whack to remove google from it


@00dani All the spots, twice… just to be safe ;)

@aral @00dani It is possible to install a different OS on a Chromebook, and these devices do support coreboot, so your a step ahead of nearly all the current laptops out there (short of librebooting your own T400) when it comes to running a freer stack on modern hardware.

On another note, this is the only viable support path for the hundreds of thousands of Chromebooks that were EoLed recently, Google won't even push newer (secure) Chrome builds to laptops released under 5 years ago :/

@00dani @aral Srsly, I think they EoLed these laptops cause they didn't have full hardware acceleration (for running Android in a KVM without a shared kernel), which comes with the territory of budget Intel/AMD/ARM chips.

This userbase just wants a device that gives them a secure, up to date browser, besides extreme laziness there is no reason Google shouldn't continue to compile newer versions of Chrome for 'em. If Mozilla were smart, they would produce images to turn them into Firebooks...

@00dani @aral To be clear, there are literally hundreds of thousands of these needlessly obsolete Chromebooks in schools across the US.

An always up to date, no management required laptop for $150 to $300 was music to most school districts ears. The market for such a thing exists, people just want to get online, shitpost, look at porn and not worry about updates or security.

Firefox OS could have filled this role, Google already mainlined the kernel drivers and added Coreboot support.

@aral @00dani "thanks for your feedback. The incident will be reported to our digital overlords"

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