In case you want to help me raise awareness about institutional corruption on birdsite (repost, updated link):

A big thank you to Google and Facebook for protecting our data & democracy & sponsoring @CPDPconferences (Data Protection & Democracy) alongside other similar organisations like @apple, @bitsoffreedom, @EPICprivacy, @mozilla, @privacy_salon & @accessnow.

@aral I suspect the lack of tone of voice would cause the sarcasm be lost on anyone who doesn't notice the source. :)

@ricardojmendez Good. Let’s see how those organisations feel about how they are lending legitimacy to surveillance capitalists (some know of course, some do it on purpose… would be interesting to see which, if any, object and which, if any, take it up with the conference or drop their “moral” sponsorship).

@aral Not sure I explained myself. I'm not sure that if I merely re-tweet your bits, people will get the sarcasm intended. At least not without knowing both you and the conference.

@ricardojmendez Right and that’s the problem. But I just saw on your bio that you do privacy at Samsung so that’s really no different. Samsung is also a surveillance capitalist. I see that your team is throwing money at legitimate projects right now to associate yourselves but I also saw the sewer of surveillance that my S9+ was with its stock OS.

I don’t know you so I don’t know whether you really care about privacy or if this is just a job but Samsung is no different to Google, etc.

I really don't want to get into this "bashing company A", "defending company B", etc game. But recently I saw a blog from you where you defended Apple of being better then Google because they are mainly selling "real products" and not our data. Shouldn't be Samsung in the same category then? Or do I miss something?

Cc @ricardojmendez

@bjoern @ricardojmendez Yep, you’re missing the fact that you can sell products and engage in surveillance at the same time, which is what Samsung does and what Microsoft does. Samsung _could_ do what Apple does but it doesn’t. Also, it’s a very different type of company. Afaik, Apple was never making killing machines.

Little test:

* Buy an iPhone
* Buy a Samsung phone

Use both.

See the difference.

@aral @bjoern @ricardojmendez

it is true Samsung has chosen to move closer to Google and surveillance tech, but they did sell off the military division in 2014, whereas Apple has joined a partnership with the Pentagon since 2015!

AFAIK none of the tech companies will turn down a lucrative military contract, although they might not shout too loud that they have got it

(mobile phones themselves are a development from 1980s battlefield radios)


@vfrmedia @bjoern @ricardojmendez Right. So a friend comes up to and says I am going to either buy an iPhone or a Samsung phone and I need you to tell me which I should get if I care about protecting my privacy. What do you say?

A. Buy either, they’re basically the same
B. iPhone
C. Samsung

I say B.

@aral @bjoern @ricardojmendez

I would probably suggest a refurbished iphone as that gets away from the price premiums of the new ones, but even then I wouldn't trust the thing 100%.

OTOH Samsung is likely no worse or no better than any other Android hardware manufacturer.

I've noticed a consistent pattern of devices (phones, computers etc) with more privacy friendly OS being €100-€200 more expensive than others.

I guess this is the market price of a persons data..

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