Gotta love free and open source folks who care so much about privacy and freedom and who love Google so damn much and can’t get enough of Google and oh my goodness do you think one day if I’m ever so good I will get to maybe work at Google?

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@aral I think the mood will turn when Google Fuchsia and its "Zircon" kernel that isn't Linux or GPL becomes a thing.

@bobstechsite So the mood will turn when it no longer matters what the mood is.

@bobstechsite @aral wait, why? MIT is the popular thing these days and Fuchsia has it


I'm one of those! I'll try to reach out. Try to imagine the scent of an olive tree here.

Google has been resisting government intrusions in an effective and principled manner AFAIK while also taking good citizenship more seriously than other ad providers. They're in a questionable business, but they seem to be aware of it.

They are definitely aware, why else would they have changed their motto away from "Don't be evil"? It makes it even worse!


"And remember… don't be evil, and if you see something that you think isn't right – speak up!"

Current closing of the code of conduct

It isn't the company motto, though? Besides, we're way past this code of conduct line:…

@aral i guess you do already. at least dem benefit from what you toot.

@aral Trusting any large corporation is a mistake. I'll admit I have an #Apple phone now, because I believe their focus on hardware makes them a tad less evil than Google still. But as their revenue sources depend more and more on providing 'services', so will their rent-seeking attempts increase in intensity and nastiness. Eventually, am not sure how much of their privacy commitment will be left intact, so I've per-ordered the #Librem5 to get off the Apple train too, before it's too late.

@aral Unfortunately, there are constant calls to 'unify' everything, making it easier to subvert by large companies, unify ecosystems, services, experiences, servers etc., making you to sync everything to the cloud etc. - even on the #Linux desktop.

I wrote about exactly that just a few days ago:

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