Thanks to Platinum Sponsors Google and Facebook, Shoshana Zuboff (who helped popularise the term surveillance capitalism) is launching her new book, ‘The Age of Surveillance Capitalism’ in Europe this evening at the Data Protection and Democracy conference in Brussels.

Dear Shoshana, can you name two of the largest surveillance capitalists in the world so we know who to protect ourselves from?

@aral Like Shell lobbying against knowledge about climate change, or Monsanto touting the benefits of feeding the world whilst hiding the drawbacks of a food monopoly.

@aral Am not strictly against taking money from such players if you're going to use that money to help bring them down. That's actually kind of clever.

The problem is. once you take the money, you're unlikely to speak out against them, just like a politician is unlikely to regulate their campaign contributors.

@MatejLach @aral

Even if its clever, it leaves a bad taste.
I guess cause its against the principles.

Take their resources and turn those against them.

Even if you win in that way it feels tainted.

I agree it doesn't feel right and am not sure it even works, most of the time. It's best to avoid interacting and propping the likes of #Google in any way.

I was mostly just playing devil's advocate, since they don't tend to play fair. So if you can't avoid them, why not play unfair back?

Optimally, of course, you'd never take any kind of funding from them.


@MatejLach @aral

No one will play fair, no.
Not on either side.

When its about conflicts there are the sweet talkers and the strategists.

You'll need both to win any conflict may it big or small, even if the strategists may seem cold and calculating and the sweet talkers full of ... hot air.

The ones for behind the curtain the other for in-front.

I despise both cause i am a irrational unrealistic dreamer, who wish that people would change for reason and not for money.

@aral ... indeed, isn't Capitalism like a Black Hole ? Absorbing everything ?

@aral don't worry, they are only PLATINUM sponsors. Also, don't forget to follow what is going on here:


@aral Causing large scale overconsumption across the globe may still be legal business, but it shouldn't be. To run the business they're in, they had to throw ethics overboard right from the start.

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